Manifest love, abundance
& Happiness
in every area of your life

A 7 Week Soul Enriching Journey of Holistic Living & Self Love in which you Align with Your Purpose, Develop Fearless Confidence, Heal Yourself & Get Healthy in Mind, Body & Spirit so you can Become the Greatest Expression of Who You Are & Manifest Your Greatness in the World.

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You Know You are Supposed to be Doing Something More with Your Life, you’re unfulfilled and you know that God wants better for you...you’re just not sure how to get it, but you are ready to discover it.

You're ready to Master Your Mindset, stay motivated & learn how to use the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals & Live an Abundant Life

Your'e Tired of Attracting the Same Relationships that Leave You Heartbroken & Devastated & Ready to Attract Real & Lasting Love.

You Struggle with Eating Healthy or Maintaining your Ideal Weight & you're Ready to Feel Healthier & More Energized.

You Struggle with Confidence, Negative Self Talk & Self care and you're ready to heal & to Reclaim Your Inner Power, Become Fearless, Love Yourself Unconditionally & Become a Priority in Your Life.

You have Emotional Baggage from your Past that you are carrying & you're ready to release it so you can Manifest Miracles in you're life.

You are tired of living pay check to check and even though you have money, you're ready for a Financial Breakthrough so you can begin to Create Generational Wealth.

Struggling with Confidence, Self-Worth, Self-Comparison, Self-Criticism and Self-Esteem like Most Women?

Desiring to Live a More Fearless Life but feel like you don’t know how? 

Holistic Detoxification teaches Women How to Go Within and Do the Work Required to Begin to Create a Life they Love

What if you could...

Identify Your God Given Purpose & Begin to Walk Boldly in it. Attract Real Love, someone that Treats you like the Queen that you Are.  Develop Fearless Confidence & an Unstoppable Mindset. Be Free from all of the Emotional Baggage of Your Past. Gain Order & Clarity in Your Life. Improve your’e Finances so you start Living Life on Your Terms. Align with your True Self, Feel Whole and Receive More Joy, Happiness & Abundance. 

Manifest A Life You Love by Reinventing Yourself from the Inside Out.


Elevate your life


Here's what you'll get

    In Week 1:You will learn to Master Your Mindset
    You will increase your personal confidence, cultivate an abundant mindset, and develop the skills to attract & develop healthy love, inner wellbeing & a prosperous lifestyle.
    You will learn:
    -Mind techniques like self-hypnosis and visualization to develop a Motivated Mindset so that you can stay consistent with the goals you set for yourself
    -Holistic strategies to increase your productivity so you can do more in less time
    -How to Empower your personal belief system so you can Live Fearlessly & Abundantly
    -How to reshape your Belief System and Think with Clarity & Purpose
    Week 4: Alignment with your Divine Assignment
    Do you feel like you're wasting time in a career/job that does not fulfill you?
    In Week 4, you will identify your natural gifts, abilities, and skillset so that you can discover your divine purpose and live your life in alignment with your divine assignment.
    You will:
    -Understand who God is and who you are to God
    -You will begin to assess your relationship with God, the limits you have placed on God and learn how to Keep God first and at the center of your Life
    -Learn the 7-step P.U.R.P.O.S.E. process to Discover & Protect Your Life Path
    Week2: Elevating Your Health
    In Week 2, You will learn Holistic Health Practices that will guide you on your journey towards optimal wellness.
    You will:
    -The Secret to managing stress in a healthy way
    -How to Get a Healthier more Alkaline Body
    -5 ways to Eat Clean on a Budget
    - How to Detox Your Body, Kitchen and Home using herbs, supplements and non-toxic home products -Bonus: Meal Guides & Plant Based Recipes
    Week 3: Elevating You
    In Week 3, you will learn to implement holistic practices and tap into your inner power to create miracles in your life. Remember that getting outer results begins with inner transformation.
    You will:
    -Analyze how your past habits, thoughts and experiences contribute to your current situation, and change it to help you get improved results
    - Become aware of your self-worth & increase your self-confidence, so that you can embrace the Abundant Life God has created for you
    - Incorporate Meditations, Spiritual Baths, and NLP and other practices to gain increased emotional control and open yourself up to receiving the love you desire and deserve
    Week 5: Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams
    In Week 5, You will learn your Relationship Paradigm and discover the habits, attitude and beliefs that you need to vibrationally align with your soul mate.
    You will:
    -Discover how to create an internal and external environment to attract and maintain a healthy, happy, passionate and committed relationship.
    -Understand the importance of setting boundaries to create a healthy & transparent relationship.
    -Learn powerful communication tools necessary to create harmony in the home.
    Week 7: Inner Healing & Emotional Mastery
    In Week 7, we will focus on Inner Healing. You will learn holistic strategies to help you heal from past emotional trauma and release energetic blocks so that you can master your emotional wellbeing and learn how to manifest.
    Week 6: Manifesting Money:
    In Week 6, we will focus on Manifesting Money. You will learn about your Unique Money blue print and How to develop habits necessary for you to obtain and attract more money.
    You will:
    -Create a Wealth Building Plan so you can start budgeting, saving, and building credit
    -Understand the relationship between self worth, self-love and money so that you can always have more than enough to Live Life on Your Terms.
    -Create a new Money Mindset & conduct a financial analysis so that you can begin to Create and Live a more Abundant Life.
  • YONI DETOX GUIDE: Healing Your Womb
    In Week 7, we will focus on healing your womb. You will learn how to use holistic therapies to re-energize your womb center so that you become more aligned with your Higher Self and Manifest Miracles in Your Life.
    You Will:
    Understand How Your Emotions Impact Your Womb and identify Past Emotional Baggage Stored in Your Womb so that you can release the energetic blocks and open the door for more love and success.
  • HEALTHY RECIPE GUIDE: Healthy Lifestyle Recipes Include a 21 Day Vegan Meal Plan or 21 day Vegetarian Meal Plan to use during and after the Program &Healing Recipes that Restore, Cleanse & Heal Your Body.
  • HOLISTIC SELF CARE GUIDE: Over 21 DIY Holistic Self Care Therapies to Help you Detox, Heal & Transform Yourself & Your Life examples include Sacred Showers, Castor Oil Packs, Chakra Balancing & Detox Baths to name a few.
  • ELEVATE YOUR LIFE WORKBOOK: Workbook to Use to Successfully Complete the Program
  • ELEVATE YOUR LIFE GUIDE: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Successfully Completing the Program

Over $1,497 worth of bonuses


3 Meditation Videos to Help You Align with Your True Self & Raise Your Vibration Learn Proper Breath Meditation Techniques to Relieve Stress with Breathing Meditation Improve Your Vibrational Frequency with Laughter Meditation.


6 Beginners Yoga Videos that teach you how to Detox, Balance & Heal Yourself. Improve Your Stress Levels Through Yoga. Become More Flexible, Relaxed & Centered.


5 Fitness Videos that teach Effective Exercises that Require No Equipment. Get an Effective Workout in 20 Min from the Comfort of Your Home Improve Your Body Image

Healthy Eating Guide

A Guide to Show you How to Eat Clean, Lose Weight & Get Healthy Understand Alkaline vs. Acidic Balance Understand Food Labels & Food Pyramids Learn About Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics, Food & Common Consumer Products Understand Plant Based & Vegetarian Lifestyles

The Fearless woman

40 Powerful Affirmations and Mantras to help you Reprogram Your Mind for Health, Happiness & Wellbeing Improve your Confidence & Your Mindset

My Vision Journal

Guided Journal to help you gain clarity in Every Area of Your Life, Finances, Spirituality, Mindset, Relationships, Career & Emotional Wellbeing
This is a Vision Board made into a Journal that You can use to Get Focused on what you Really Desire with Words & Pictures
Learn How to Use Your Creative Abilities to Create Lasting Changes in Your Life

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This is for you if...

  • You Desire to Get to the Next Level in Your Life.
  • You Are Ready to Go Within Yourself, Take an Honest Look & Make some Changes.
  • Are Tired of Going in Circles, Struggling with Confidence, Clarity, Health, Mindset, Relationships & Self Worth.
  • Desire to Grow Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Financially.

This is not for you if...

  • Are Completely Happy in Every Area of Your Life & Are Living Your Grandest Life.
  • Are Unwilling to Invest in Yourself to Learn or Grow.
  • Have All of the Tools You Need to Succeed and are Implementing them on a daily basis.

“I just Loved it! It was what I needed & I didn’t even know that I needed It. For Women that want to better their lives and go to a higher level in their lives. This Program will change their lives! This is what every women should embark on. Thank you again Aishah. This could not have come at a better time for me.” -Asya, Atlanta, Ga

“It was Awesome! I joined because I wanted to lose some weight but then discovered that I had some serious Self Sabotaging Issues that were Rooted Deeply. I strongly suggest that you try it, if you are Ready for a Change & not a Trend.” 

-Mecole, Atlanta, Ga

This program Really Helped me Focus on Myself. I really Loved the Yoni Therapies. It was Empowering to Get in touch with my Own femininity. It Improved my Self Confidence a lot. I gained mental Clarity. It Empowers you to be a Better You.” – Portia, Athens, Ga



 I’m Aishah Tatum, a Holistic Life Coach, Author & Inspirational Speaker. I help women just like you Elevate their Lives through Detoxing their Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions and Relationships so they can live Fearless, Prosperous & Fulfilled Lives. 

After years of knowing the path but not walking the path I had an awakening. In 2014, I lost my job, Lost My Mother suddenly to a rare form of cancer and 3 days later my 5 year relationship ended. I went through an emotional, spiritual, mental and financial breakdown. My life was in shambles and I contemplated giving up on myself, my dreams and life.

1 year later I enrolled in a Detox program that focused on mental, emotional and physical healing and wellbeing. I loved it so much that I decided to enroll in their educators training program and began teaching others how to detox emotionally, mentally and physically. I realized that I had so many years of Knowledge, Training and Experience that I wanted to help women on a larger scale go more in depth into holistic healing and self care by taking them step by step through a Life Transformation Detox Program that would Allow them to Reinvent Themselves and Their lives.   
I don’t believe you should struggle trying to figure out how to Live a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilled Life. I know how to detox and renew on all levels and I want to take you step by step on this journey of Self Love, Self care and Whole Life Wellness. 
So, Are You Ready to Get to the Next Level?

Your Greatness is on the other side of your fears

Gain the Tools, Strategies & Holistic Principles that will help You Elevate Your Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Self Study Program Designed for You to Go at your Own pace. 

This Program is Delivered Via Audio, Video & Digital Downloads.

You can elect to Pay in Full or on a Payment Plan. If you pay in Full, the complete program will delivered at once. If you elect to be on a payment plan you will receive the Program Over a period of 6 weeks with 3 payments being taken out every 2 weeks. 

There is a 21 Day Vegan Detox Plan that is included with Juice, Smoothie & Entree Recipes for you to incorporate. It is not a requirement for you to do a physical detox, and before you start any wellness program it is advised that you seek medical advice. 

No they are not a Requirement. However, they are merely a guide to helping you understand various holistic therapies that can be used to help you on your Journey of Elevation. 

“The Program was Life Changing! Thank you Aishah so Much. Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically what a difference you Made” – Monique, New Jersey

I learned a lot about Myself, Holistic Health & Healing. I learned that there are so many ways we can grow and release Brokeness, pain and pressure. There are so many things that I will take with me through the rest of my Life. – Brittany, Arkansas 

 It was Wonderful. It far exceeded my Expectation. It is Very Thorough & It Helped to Jumpstart my Healing Process. This program will help women of All walks of Life whatever you are going through, it forces you to take a Look at your life & take Responsibility for your own healing. It’s the Real Deal. -Khadijah, Atlanta

 I was able to put myself in a Better head space. This program is Highly Recommended! It has exposed me to New Lifestyle Changes that I would not have tried on my own. This program will Challenge you, Elevate You & Push you to Higher Heights in Your Life. 

-Kameesha, Atlanta


A Complete Wellness Program to Help You Elevate

You have Greatness within you, Its time To Unlock Your True Potential so You Can Leave Your Mark on the World.

“The Elevate Your Life Program could not have come at a better time in my Life. I am Absolutely Grateful for ALL of the Tools we were Given to Learn to Rid ourselves of Self Doubt,Worry, Self Sabotage Unforgiveness of Self & Others. To Learn how to Love Ourselves to our Core. To Start doing the things we need to do to start Fulfilling the Highest, Most Truest Expression of Ourselves. Everyone Needs these Skills. It is time to Elevate Your Life”

– Rachel, New Jersey

I made much needed Lifestyle Changes. I feel More Energized, Less Anxious & Less Stressed.  I Feel Renewed Mentally, Spiritually, Physically & Emotionally.” – Aleeka, Warner Robbins, Ga

“I was able to drop a few pounds, received One on One coaching that helped me gain spiritual, emotional and mental clarity. I workout more, I feel great, I journal – I dug deep and discovered what I really wanted to do. This program touched bases on everything you could think of and will help you make an overall lifestyle change” -Gezell, Columbus

“Everything was Great. It was Phenomenal! It made me feel Clean, New & Brought me Back to a Place of Wholeness.” – Leah – Atlanta, GA

“This Program focuses on Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental & Relationship Wellness & Thats what I needed. Sharing our stories with other women was beneficial and the holistic therapies really helped me to heal and gain clarity. The Coaching Calls Motivated me to Keep Going. It was a Full Lifestyle Change for me. I’m glad I did it!” 

Talecia J. -Atlanta, Ga


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