Wheatgrass is FULL of Chlorophyll! It is VERY beneficial to someone that has a skin disease, psoriasis and eczema. It can also help with insect bites, infections and poison ivy. Not to Mention it can make your skin Beautiful. Try a Wheatgrass Facial… Here is How

  1. Buy some Organic Wheatgrass from the Store
  2. Rinse the Wheatgrass and Juice It
  3. Take the Foam of the Wheatgrass (the residue left on top of the tray) and apply it to your face
  4. Let it soak in
  5. Rinse with Cold Water

Amazing Benefits of Carrot Juice

Do You want to Improve Your Skin? How about Boost Your Metabolism?

Then you May Want to Start Drinking Carrot Juice.

Carrots not only help to boost your immune system by fighting off free radicals, improve cellular damage and is anti-inflammatory. It is Full of Vitamin C and can help you or your family when fighting colds and the flu.

It can help Reduce Cancer cells–  Anti Oxidants stop cell damage and may offer protection against carious types of cancer.  There was a study done where carrot juice extract was used in the treatment of leukemia and non tumor control cells and the the carrot extract caused those abnormal cells to die and stopped the progression of the disease!

Carrots also lower cholesterol. Do you want to control your cholesterol without medication, you may want to start adding carrot juice to your diet.  It has a lot of potassium and this can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Carrot Juice also is beneficial during and after pregnancy as it is full of magnesium, potassium, folate, calcium and Vitamin A.

 It helps to strengthen brain function because of the beta-carotene.  It helps with age related problems like dementia and memory loss.

Carrot Juice is Definitely something you want to start adding into you and your families Healthy Lifestyle.