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Women who are ready to step away from toxic habits and challenging circumstances turn to Holistic Life Coach Aishah Tatum to lead them into the best version of themselves.
Whether they crave healthier eating habits, improved psychological health, heightened confidence and self-love, or more authentic, fulfilling relationships, Aishah uses her knowledge to help women experience physical, mental and spiritual breakthroughs.
As the founder of Elevate Your Life and co-founder of the Vegansentials Detox Company, Aishah facilitates extensive coaching programs, consultations and digital classes, providing women with the guidance, resources and tools to detox their minds, bodies and souls, all so they can manifest their dreams, make permanent changes in their lives & Leave Their Mark on the world.
She also shares some of her deepest, most soul-awakening secrets inside her 3 books, “Healthy Eating Guide: Eat, Clean, Lose Weight & Get Healthy,” “My Vision Journal: A Journal to Assist in the Manifestation of One’s Dreams” and “The Fearless Woman: A Book of Affirmations.”
While some coaches simply “wake up” and decide to provide tips and wisdom to others, Aishah stays true to her calling by educating herself so she can provide her clients and students with life-altering transformative guidance, not just a longer to-do list.
As a healthy lifestyle educator, she has participated in the renowned John Maxwell Leadership Trainer program and earned certifications in detox therapy and life and health coaching. Aishah also holds an MBA, a master’s in metaphysics, a bachelor’s of science in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics.
Women who have participated in Aishah’s programs applaud her for giving them the “blueprint to living their best lives” and she is honored to share her wisdom with as many women as she can.
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life-altering programs or to book her to speak at your next event.

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