The One thing that will make you Wealthy…..its not what you think


 So I had this thought today. Do you know that the wealthiest place on earth is the GRAVEYARD! Why?

Well, what most people dont realize is that, the graveyard contains ideas that are priceless.  Many people die with their dreams still inside of them.

We as humans, are equipped with a spirit of God that is unparalleled to any other creation in existence.  The reason why this is so powerful is that we have the POTENTIAL to Do, Be, Have and Achieve anything that we conceive.

The issue is Belief, Deep Conviction, Purpose, Planning and Perseverance.

Over the next few series we will delve a little deeper into becoming WEALTHY! So wealthy that your voice still speaks even when you cant.

God didnt put us here on earth to be timid and shy and hold back our genius, He put us here to be the LEADERS of this earth and to lead with Greatness and Righteousness.

Lets Discover how We can ALL do this so we don’t die with our dreams…..

Until Next Time,

Love & Light-

Aishah :-)

What Do You Fear?

Hey Beautiful People!

So in life, there is this thing called fear that for whatever reason keeps people back from living up to their full potential. Fear is the one thing that will stop you from going forth into the light and greatness of who you are. But its something that we all have. Its something that is universal and must be addressed and properly managed if you are to rise to your Greatness and Live the Life you are Truly Worthy of.

God is calling us for Greatness and to be the Leaders of earth. God is calling us to  be who He already designed us to be, Righteous, Just, Fearless & Obedient Creatures to His will.

If you truly want to reach your potential and leave a lasting legacy on humanity and the world, you got to put your feet down, plant yourself firm in the truth of who you are and your true capabilities and face your FEARS!

So what do you Fear?

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Identify it, Tell the Truth & Transcend to Your True Potential!

With Love,