New Beginnings


One of the best things about life is the fact that everyday we have a chance to change our lives and start again or start something new. I recently went through an experience wednesday that opened my eyes to what I have always known.

I ended a relationship that was no longer beneficial for me. It was a relationship that was on and off and had been for a number of years.  As I get older, I realize that there really is no time to wast. You have to be with people and have people in your life that are adding value to you, investing in you and helping you grow and it should be a reciprocal process of exchanging positive energy.

As I embark on a new journey of being a single woman, I want to encourage myself and others to never settle for less than you deserve. To always love God more than your self and to always love God more than your man.  God should be the foundation of everyone’s life and no man should be put on a pedestal above the Creator of the Universe.

It is important to look within at yourself to find out what you really believe to be true about your own worth and about your own value and from that work to change and improve your own self esteem and love of self.

When you value yourself and Love God more than anything, you will make the necessary changes within and they will reflect in your life.





I have not blogged in over 3 months.  I have no excuses. I am only a testament to the fact that being consistent is the only way to achieve the results you want in life. I have struggles with consistency in fact I have been consistent with being inconsistent.

I realize that is a habit that I must break if I want to become the woman that God wants and is calling me to be. There is nothing like staying the course that God has laid out for you. There is no reward greater in this life, than doing exactly what God wants and staying in alignment with His will for your life.

Being inconsistent is having one foot on the path he is calling you to walk and the other foot on a different path that leads to nothing but unfulfillment. There is only one way to make any goals a reality and that is taking massive action and being consistent with the action until the result you want is achieved.

One of the reasons we do not reach our goals is because we do not take consistent massive action.

So today, I am making a point to stay consistent in blogging at least once per week. I would love to provide valuable, inspirational and educational information to all those that seek to become better human beings and become the people that God is calling them to be. As I grow, learn and develop, I would like to help others along the way. I am not perfect, by any means, but I really do enjoy being a positive force in the world and trying to add value and inspiration to the lives of others.

Today, what is one thing that we can do to move our lives forward? What is one that we can do to get us one step closer to our dreams? What is one thing that we can do to serve others?

Until Next Time. Continue to strive. Believe. Take Action. Serve for the Cause of Good.

Peace & Blessings,